As a global beauty brand that helps women discover the ultimate beauty easily in their everyday life, BLUESKY is looking towards the future, always one step ahead of the fast-evolving nail trends and techniques. We are bold, dynamic, well trained and educated as the beauty industry requires. Clients are the center of our strategy and their continuous development is our top priority. Everyone needs education and improvement and we thrive to make that dream a reality.

BLUESKY NAIL ACADEMIES creation is our response to the constant changes of technology, fashion trends and industry innovations that results in permanent self-education, which is essential in our profession.

Clients always demand the newest techniques and trends from their nail technician. By introducing and training our professionals about all the new techniques and the ultimate use and application of our products, they can achieve excellence.

Our Exclusive Distributors network organizes a variety of training essentials for nail professionals based on the latest products and trends of Beauty Industry. BLUESKY NAIL ACADEMIES are blooming all around. You can find below a list with our monthly events and attend the nearest to you. Through BLUESKY trainings, we make sure you are always up to date with the latest trends and news of the beauty industry!


As every beauty technician knows, it is highly important not only to be constantly updated with the latest discoveries in our field, but also to polish our practical skills and meet the market requirements by being well trained.

Please find below the the contact information of our distributors and select your nearest training school.