Bluesky Ombre nails

Ombre nails... It's all in the blend

Ombre trends have taken the beauty world by storm this year. The Ombre effect is the perfect go to style for those who simply cannot choose just one colour and with Bluesky’s latest collections it is no wonder we are seeing more and more of this trend being used. 

And the biggest question we get asked from you as our customers is HOW…and we heard you loud and clear! So we looked into the top tips from some of our favourite nail artists and even looked into different ways of creating this trend, all from the comfort of your own home. 

So let’s get started…


1. Sponge ombre

One of the most popular ways of creating the Ombre effect is the use of a small sponge. The beauty of the sponge is that you can use the sponge to create the perfect Ombre look both horizontally AND vertically. 

TIP: Choose your colours wisely, there are lots of variations you can choose from, but be careful which colours you choose. Try and go for variations of colours such as; Pinks with Whites, Blues with Greens, even Pinks with Oranges if you still want to keep old of that Summer Vibe…

Check out these easy steps on how to create a sponge Ombre effect:

  • Apply a layer of Bluesky Base coat first – Cure for 60 seconds.
  • Grab yourself a small rectangular sponge and apply each colour to the sponge – Apply one line of colour and the second colour underneath - Overlap the colours
  • Gently pat the sponge onto the nail
  • Reload and reapply to create a stronger Ombre effect
  • Allow to cure for at least 60 seconds
  • Finish the look with Bluesky Top Coat and cure for another 60 seconds
  • This can also be used with glitter – By adding a strip of glitter onto the sponge, you can then add the glitter with a dabbing effect.

2. Brush ombre

  • Add your first colour on the top half of the nail

  • Add your second colour on the bottom half of the nail

  • Once you have applied both colours, be sure to make sure both colours meet in the middle on the nail. 

  • Using the blending brush, moving slowly to blend the colours in the middle of the nail to create the Ombre effect.

  • To get the best effect, you can reapply again.

  • Add the Bluesky Top Coat.

You can also create this effect by applying the colours to the left and right side of the nail !


Other ways to create the Ombre Effect: 

  • Use a Q-Tip to create the Ombre effect. You can create this look the same way as using the sponge, you can apply each colour and using the dabbing effect to apply the colour onto your nails.

  • Apply the Bluesky Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds.

  • Apply the first colour on the nail and cure for 60 seconds.

  • Apply the second colour onto the Q-Tip and use the dabbing effect to create the Ombre effect with the second colour!

  • Apply the Top Coat and cure for a further 60 seconds for the finishing touch!

  • Use an eyeshadow brush. The same effect as the Q-Tip accessory.

  • By applying the first colour you wish to use and then apply the second colour for the Ombre effect onto the eyeshadow brush and apply this in the same way to create the ultimate Ombre effect.

Ideally this look will be easier on longer nails for the full effect, however for those with shorter nails the look can still be achieved, however you will want to focus on only using two colours for shorter nails.

You can shop the ultimate look with our range of colours – Get in touch today to find the ultimate pair!