10 Nail Trends of Autumn 2019

10 Nail Trends of Autumn 2019

Trends to Fall for this Fall…

  1. Leopard Print: The ultimate power design! Let those around you hear you roar with this top nail trend. When creating this design, try scattering the design on the tips of your nails rather than the whole nail and try the autumn colours such as oranges and blacks and maybe even a hint of gold!

  2. Pretty Pearls: Now they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…but this new nail trend is bound to get heads turning! Accessorising your nails is now a must have for this fall so do it the right way and let your nails do the talking.

  3. Spotty Nails: They say Leopard can’t change their spots…well how wrong they were! A little top tip from the girls at Cosmopolitan “Vary up the sizing and spacing of your spots. Using a dotting tool—or, in a pinch, a toothpick with the tip cut off—gently press black spots over white polish, playing around with the shapes so they don’t look too perfect.”

  4. Gradient Nails: The ultimate 1980’s look has arrived this fall and boy are we excited! The perfect timing ready for Fall and even to get you in the mood ready for the Christmas Countdown are our very own Metallics Collection…using the Bluesky Platinum Collection you’ll be sure to dazzle and shine!

  5. Cut-Out Nails: Strike a Vogue and create that negative space with attitude with this Falls latest craze. 

  6. Accent Nails: Now this is simple…it is simply the outline of one colour around the outside of the nails…simple and effective and very on trend! Imagine a new and modern take on the French manicure and the perfect frame for the perfect fall look.

  7. Diamante embellished nails: Now you can say it…Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend and what better place to wear them, than on your nails! Create the ultimate glow on your tips or go all out and cover those babies in diamonds and let yourself shine bright like a diamond.

  8. Neon Nails: Although Summer is coming to an end, the flash of Neon is still going strong and with our Neon Ranges you’ll be sure to keep this look going strong all year round.

  9. Ombre: Blending trends with elegance, subtle tones with your favourite colours and the perfect way to use two of your favourite colours when you just cannot decide!

  10. Marble: The elegant design that works all year round and with every look. Try using only one nail with the marble effect and trying adding a fall colour onto the rest of the nails with a cheeky diamanté accessory…


bluesky autumn grid